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Located in the Eastern part of the Southern region of Vietnam, and being the part of the Southern Key Economic Zone (including Ho Chi Minh city, Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Ba Ria – Vung Tau, Binh Phuoc, Tay Ninh, Long An and Tien Giang province), Binh Duong province is one of the provinces with rapid economic growth rate and dynamic industrial development of Vietnam.

Locating at the gateway to Ho Chi Minh City, being the economic – cultural central of the whole country; crossed by the life line highways such as Highway 13, Highway 14, Ho Chi Minh route, Trans-Asia route, etc.; ranging 10 to 15 kilometers from Tan Son Nhat International Airport and sea ports, convenient for comprehensive socio-economic development.

In recent years, with high economic growth rate, GDP increases 14.5% annually on average. The economic structure actively changes, industrial and service sectors rapidly grow and account for high proportion, in 2010, the proportion of industry – contruction was 63%, service – 32.6% and forestry & agriculture – 4.4%.

Currently Binh Duong has 28 industrial parks and zones with the total area of over 8,700 hectares, in which more than 1,200 domestic and foreign enterprises under operation with the total capital investment of over US$ 13 billion.

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With the advantages in natural conditions, socio-economic potential and policies from the Central Party and Government, Binh Duong will continue to develop sustainably, and become the most civilized & modern city of Vietnam and of the South East Asia region

About Binh Duong New City

Binh Duong New City is built in Binh Duong industry – urban – service complex. This is a civilized and modern urban, area and the central district of Binh Duong City in accordance with the plan by 2020.

Located in convenient central location, Binh Duong New City will be the gateway for international connectivity, trade and services exchanges, as well as exchange and transfer of technology in the highest advanced level of science.

The development proposal of Binh Duong New City Project has been approved by the government, including main items: Tokyu Binh Duong Garden City invested by BECAMEX TOKYU, the Intergrated Political Administration Center, the high-tech park of Mapletree Group (Singapore), Eastern International University, International School of Kinderworld Education Group, the commercial, financial and banking center, the area for dining services, senior conference, offices, residential houses (apartments, townhouses, single detached house) provided for more than 125,000 local people and 400,000 people to work regularly there.

Binh Duong New City is intended to be a place of gathering and attracting intelligence and developing technology, plays an important role in the planning of the functional divisions, infrastructure, appropriate solutions that meet international standards. This is also significant construction, contributing to the rapid development of the province’s urban in reform period, and meets the needs and expectations of the government and people of Binh Duong Province.

As planned, Binh Duong New City includes the following key functional areas

  • Intergrated Political Administration Center of Binh Duong
  • A high-tech park
  • Financial, banking and securities Center
  • Offices for lease, restaurants – luxury hotels
  • Convention Center, International Exhibition, University.
  • The public areas: squares, parks, ecology lakes, cultural centers, kindergartens, hospitals, etc
  • The technical infrastructure: roads, drainage system, subway system.
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