Oscilloscope; Soldering station; Thermal Camera; LCR Meter; Power supply

We are the leading company in direct importing and distributing Testing equipments, Automation equipments, Laboratory equipments, Handheld Tools.etc.with variety of models, offering with best price, with flexible payment policy and outstanding post-sale services. We believe you will be served and advised with all the best.


LCR Meter

A type of electronic test equipment used to measure the inductance (L), capacitance (C), and resistance (R) of an electronic component. With variety of products from low end to high end, EMIN is the best choice bases on reliable origin, quality and price.



An important measuring instrument for technicians to repair, measure, produce electrical, electronic and telecommunication equipment. EMIN is a genuine dealer selling variety kinds of oscilloscope with competitive & reputable price


Soldering station

Directly import & distribute soldering machine: Weller, PACE, Hakko, QJE, ATTEN… with low price, stability working, temperature adjustable function and optional soldering tip & hands.


Power supply

EMIN provide many kinds of power supply, including: AC power supply, DC power supply, AC/DC power supply, adjustable power supply, from low voltage to high voltage. Come to EMIN, you can find the solution you need!

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Thermal Camera

Type of camera that uses thermal sensors to take pictures. Thermal imaging cameras form an image using infrared radiation operating in waves with wavelengths ranging from 9000-14000 nm (9-14 um). EMIN have many types of thermal cameras that meet all your usage needs

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