– MONNIT – USA Origin: Connecting, monitoring and controlling machines and other “things” in our environment by Internet of Things.

– SCALE – TRON – CANADA Origin: batching controls, aggregate moisture measurement, mixer water dosing and Ready-Mix Management software.

– JACO – USA Origin: JACO fittings are available in size ranging from 1/8″ through 7/8″ tube O.D. in most common figurations, such as union, bulkhead, male and female connectors, male branch and male run tees, tee unions and ferrule nuts. Metric sizes are also available on a special order basis.

– GIC – INDIA Origin : Process Control, Automation and Instrumentation products (Timer, Timer Switch, Hour Meters & Counters, Controllers, Monitoring Devices, Temperature Controllers…)

Besides, Huy Phuc Company specializes in design, installation and repair of industrial systems.

Huy Phuc Company is committed to providing the best products, the best service and become reliable partner.

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