Lubrication system for industrial machinery

We are the only branch of LUBE Japan lubricant company in Vietnam. Provide all components, products and services for training, maintenance, maintenance, periodic inspection, replacement installation, new improvement of lubrication system for industrial machinery.


Grease pump EGM-50TH

World standard LHL system grease lubrication system


Oil pump AMO-II-150S

Automatic intermittent gear pump


Grease Valve MG2

Main pipe decompression system


Grease FS2

-Excellent load bearing and abrasion resistance

-Excellent mechanical stability, pumpability

-Excellent heat resistance, oxidation stability

-Excellent water resistance, anticorrosion


Grease LHLX100

  • Excellent load-carrying capacity and wear resistance

The excellent load-carrying capacity and wear resistance prevent seizures and excessive wear.

  • Excellent water resistance and corrosion resistance

LHL is versatile to emulsification and softening even when water is introduced. In addition, its excellent corrosion resistance prevents the development of rust and pitting.

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