MT Scientific Equipment has more than 22 experienced years in supplying equipment for fields of Industrial, Electronics & Semiconductor, Automotive, Environment, Bio-Technology Food Industrial, Laboratory Equipment, Construction, etc. in Viet Nam. With our experienced sales engineers and good after-sales service, we ensure to supply best service to you. Our business aim is not only sale and service; we aim to become a solution-partner with our customers.

Industrial Microscopes: Laser Confocal Microscopes, Digital Microscopes, Measuring Microscopes, Cleanliness Inspector, Light Microscopes, Semiconductor & Flat Panel Display, Inspection Microscopes, Stereo Microscopes, Digital Cameras, Image Analysis Software, Micro Spectrophotometer, Objective Lenses, OEM Microscope Components for Integration.

Starrett:  Force Measurement Systems.

Metkon preparation: Cutting, Mounting, Grinding & Polishing, Petrography, Sample Preparation for Spectroscopy, Consumables.

Oxford intruments: Coating Thickness Gauges, Coating Thickness Analysers.

MATSUZAWA HARDNESS TESTER: Via(Vickers innovative automatic tester), Ria(Rockwell innovative automatic tester), Micro vickers hardness tester, Digital vickers hardness tester, Digital rockwell hardness tester, Automatic hardness tester system.

Eltra Element Analyzers: Carbon / Hydrogen / Sulfur analysis of organic and inorganic samples (C-H-S), Oxygen / Nitrogen / Hydrogen analysis of inorganic samples (O-N-H), Thermogravimetric analysis of organic and inorganic samples (TGA).

Fritsch Sample Preparation: Planetary Mills, Ball Mills, Cutting Mills, Rotor/Beater Mills, Jaw Crushers, Disk Mills, Morta Grinder.

HIRAYAMA: Autoclaves

MMM: Incubators , Ovens,  sterilizers

SATO: Digi Thermometers , Thermohydrographs , dataloggers ,Bimetal thermometers,…

RION: Sound level meters, Vibration Meters, Vibration Analyzer

TSI: Indoor air quality  meter, Aerosol and Dust monitor ,Respirator Fit Tester,Ventilation test instruments,…

GIUSSANI: Test Benches ,temperature & Pressure calibrators

WTW: pH meter, conductivity meters, BOD, COD, Spectrophotometers

BIOCHROM: Spectrophometers

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