Momentous Instrumindo started in 2010, with our founder’s more than 10 years of experienceand passion to fulfill our customers needs for process measurement and control, we provide a wide range of products and have good knowledge on our products and have good knowledge on our products application. We started by doing retail products for several industries and were entrusted to be partnered with several worlds dominated brand in instrumentation.
Our specialization is in pressure and temperature gauges that serve in many different kinds of industry.
Throughout our years of operations, we continue to expand our line of products in pressure and temperature instruments to serve our customers needs. Our range of products now include transmitter, switches, calibrators, air flow instruments, humidity instruments, recorders and many others. We are partnering with several principal, with the aim of expanding our market share in the industry.
Currently, we are streamlining our focus in the Food & Beverage, Marine, and EPC industries. We believe that by focusing on these three industries, we are able to cater to our customers’ specific needs and build better relationship with them.

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Lindeteves Trade Center (LTC Glodok) Lt. SB, Blok C1, No. 10 Jakarta 11180

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