VIMET CORP is Company  dedicated to providing automotive equipment, car wash equipment, cleaning, testing equipment, maintenance equipment, testing equipment petrol emissions, garage equipment, Equipment for  tire cover, equipment for vocational training, industrial equipment & hand tools … From design consulting, equipment supply installation of technology transfer assembly equipment repair and maintenance of automobiles …

VIMET is the main distributor in Vietnam market the following brands: TOPTUL-Taiwan,Gedore-Germany RAASM-Italy , Hidi-Taiwan,shinano-japan, Nanhua- HongKong. Chiarng Lurn, Robinair-USA, Hydr’am-French,Heshbon-Korean…..

www.thegioidungcu.vn is a website that specializes in industrial machinery and equipment Mechanical equipment repair, maintenance, testing, training in automobile, motorcycle , construction machinery and hand tools of all kinds … www.thegioidungcu.vn been launched to cater to the shopping needs to learn & a modern investment needs an efficient, objective, and the maximum saving time and cost of customers.

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Head Office: 88 Le Trung Nghia Street, Ward 12, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Showroom An Suong: 601 Truong Chinh Street, District 12, HCMC, Vietnam
Tell: (08)626 77 666/ 6266 4000/ 6262 0444/  6262 1 444/ 73 03 44 88/ 73 02 44 88

Fax: (08) 37153201

Email: info@vimet.com.vn
Website: www.thegioidungcu.vn  www.vimet.com.vn or www.thietbioto.vn or www.gedore.vn