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We were established in January 2008 at Binh Duong province, Vietnam and have expanded our operations in manufacturing air filters and cleanroom equipments, also offering a dedicated filtration solution for your unique needs.



● Pass box used for transport material in and out of the two area in clean room, so as to restrict bacterial contamination come into the clean room and two area.
● Applied in many different area of operations: electric, biology, chemistry, pharmacist, food stuff and in the hospital.



● Extended surface pleated Hepa/ Ulpa filter
● Special design with minipleat media and hot-melt separator is supplied for Ultracell II run at low pressure drop.
● Super micro glass fiber media is designed to suitable with high air filter class from H13 to U15
● Ultracel II is design for use in high class cleanroom from 1000 to 1.
● Special for semiconductor, pharmaceutical, lab, biotech… and other industries airbone contaminants must be carefully controlled.





● High efficiency and dust holding capacity
● Water resistant media
● Mini-plate media with extended media area
● Rigid & sturdy construction
High capacity can meet 5000 m²/h
● V-Dura is design  V type with ABS frame available for high volume condition required, air turbulence



● Filter class from M5 to F9, used for primary filtration of HVAC system.
● High performance applications with require high dust holding capacity and higher air cleaning capacity
● Worked well in high humidity conditions
● Lighting and occupying a small area for store
● Filter material was super smooth synthetic fiber supplied the air cleaner
Filter pocket including a lot of compound matrix coalescence in order to binding strength
● This dual media design ensures a low initial pressure drop.


Fan Filter Unit(FFU) :

● High efficiency
● Low energy consumption to save cost
● Low noise level
● Easy to installation
● FFU -used for put pressure in product line of food, pharmacy, cosmetics, lab room, laboratory, electric…etc.

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