Click HERE to download Exhibitor Manual Form – VIMF HAIPHONG

Dear Exhibitor,

This Exhibitor Manual has been designed to help exhibitors plan their company’s participation at VIMF – Vietnam Industrial & Manufacturing Fair well in advance and assist in ordering the services required. The information will provide exhibitors with everything they need for a successful exhibition.

The Manual has been divided into two sections:

  • Information (Show Information, Rules and Regulations, etc)
  • Action (Order Forms). For your convenience, the service order forms are collated separately from the Please take time to review this Manual carefully, taking note of appropriate deadlines and responsibilities.

It should be the exhibitor’s priority to nominate one person to co-ordinate and plan their participation, liaise with the Organizer, and adhere to the required deadlines. The Exhibition Timetable and exhibitor Checklist are useful start. We all aim to give you good service, please help us by returning your completed order forms on time.

Admission to VIMF restricted to TRADE and BUSINESS VISITORS only on presentation of a business card with the trade visitor registration form. Re-entry will be permitted as frequently as desired during the open period of the exhibition. Visitor Badges are strictly not transferable.

To maintain the high quality of visitor attendance, the Organizer will continue to adopt a strict admission policy:

  • The show will be restricted to trade and business visitors
  • Persons under the age of 18 will not be permitted

Exhibitors will be allocated a certain amount of complimentary invitations to be sent to their valued customers.

We will do our best to help you with your planning and please do not hesitate to contact the Operations Team (contact details listed on this manual) if you have any queries.

Thank you for your participation in VIMF and we look forward to ensuring that you continue to receive our full support.

Space Only Stand

If you have chosen to take space only, it is important that you complete and return Order Form D – Space Only Stand Space Only Exhibitors are reminded that they are required to display their stand name and number on each open front of the stand.

Space only stands, are not providing with any electrical supply unless ordered on the Electrical Order – Form E2. Supply will be a cable only to the stand. The position of the cable on the stand will depend on the position of the cable trench serving the stand.

Stand construction and display work to ‘Space Only’ stands inside the Hall may not exceed 3.5 meters in height without the written permission of the Organizers.

Exhibitors who are making their own arrangements for the erection of the stand have to take into consideration that they need to have their own walls as well as floor covering. It is forbidden to use the walls of the neighboring stands.

The companies are reminded that, where their stand abuts another exhibitor’s area, the back of any dividing walls, panels or exhibits must be painted white or masked to present a neat appearance. All space only exhibitors are responsible for ensuring that their stand number is clearly displayed.

Please follow these guidelines when sending the stand designs

  • All stand drawings should be clear and readable
  • Written application for permission from the organizers for any double decker
  • All double decker stands must have structural calculations and
  • All stands built on a raised platform must have rounded corners to prevent injury. The use of metal angle trims at the edges of raised platforms, for safety reasons shall not be
  • All special stands should have a 3D perspective view of the stand together with dimensions and
  • Drawings must show the form and dimension of every structural member with sections and elevations, including full details of All calculations of loading and strength to be included and drawings must be to scale. Detailed stand drawings to be submitted in duplicate (no Fax Copies) stating as manual form

Exhibitors employing stand building contractors must ensure that the company is approved by the Organizer. It will not be possible for exhibitors to obtain on-site services or labor for the erection of their stands and displays, unless prior arrangements have been made.

Shell / Standard Stand Package Specification

The Organizers have appointed Cesco Exhibition to be responsible for the supervision and erection of the Organizer’s official Stand Package and to provide a full on-site management and technical service. Exhibitors who have ordered stand package will receive a stand erected to the following specifications:

  • Floor Covering: All stands are covered in close carpeted
  • Walling: 2.5 m high (2.44 m to underside of ceiling beams) comprising 1 m wide panels. Each panel can take a maximum weight of 1.5 to 2 the inside of each panel measures 0.95 m x 2.35 m (approx)
  • Fascia 0.25 m deep aluminum frame with infill panel fitted between dividing walls with supports at the
  • Electric: each 9 sqm 2 x 40 watt fluorescent lamp are fitted behind the fascia-board or to the roof support beam and 1 x 2 Amp is provided on the rear
  • Furniture: The Official Contractor offers furniture such as counters, shelf units, and display panel on a rental basis for the duration of the

Full details are available in Form E2 – Furniture Order

Please complete and return Form E, giving details of electrical & furniture required as attached form.

Stand Construction

  • In the case of all stands, all materials used in the construction of stand fitting and display must be fireproofed and must conform to local regulations in all
  • No projections of display materials or exhibits into the gangways will be
  • It is strictly prohibited to affix nails, hooks, tacks, screws, adhesives, paint or similar items to the floors, walls, ceiling or other parts of the Drilling holes into the floor is also strictly prohibited. The use of plastic packing tape, gaffer tape, masking tape or drafting tape on the floor will not be allowed. VIMF will charge the offenders for any damage to their stand panels.
  • Please refer to the Show Timetable and remember that all stand fitting
  • Exhibitors may affix lightweight photos, technical information, sheets, , direct to the shell stand walls with double sided adhesive pads or similar, provided such materials can be removed at the close of the Exhibition without damage to wall panels.
  • All aisles inside the Exhibition Halls will be
  • The floor loading capacity is 500 kg / sqm at the exhibition


The contractor of each hall has been appointed as carpet contractor. All gangways will be covered with carpet.

Compressed Air / Gas

If either of these services is required, please apply in writing to the Organizers at least 6 weeks prior to the opening of the show.


Electrical installations shall be of a nature to ensure safety in the utilization of electricity and shall be carried out in a competent manner. Where a fault becomes apparent the equipment shall not be used until the fault has been rectified.

Cessco Exhibition are the Official Contractors for 2020 and they are responsible for stand servicing and maintenance of Shell Scheme stands also electricity throughout the whole period of the exhibition. Please contact the contractor based on the hall of your stand.

Floor Loading Capacity

The floor loading capacity is 500 kg –  800kg / sqm within the exhibition hall.


The Official Contractor offer furniture such as counters, shelf units, and display panels on a rental basis for the duration of the exhibition. Full details, specifications, prices and order forms are available in the Exhibitor manual. As supplies may be limited, it is advisable to apply early. Exhibitors, please ensure that all stand fitments and furniture are ordered through the Official Contractor Only.

Height Restrictions

Stands and displays that exceed 2.5 m need to apply for permission to the Organizers accompanied by scaled drawings of the stand.

Stand Cleaning

General cleaning of the halls, gangways and stands will be the responsibility of the Organizer. All stands will be cleaned each day prior to the opening of the Show. It is essential that internal gangways are kept clear of basket and other obstructions at all times. During the buildup, exhibitors and their contractors are responsible for ensuring all waste materials are identified in order to assist the cleaning staff.

Exhibitor Attribute

Each exhibitor shall be provided with:

  • 4 (four) badges + 2 (two) (depend on the size of the stand)
  • 4 (four) Working Pass Cards (depend on the size of the stand)
  • Invitation based on request

Exhibitor Badge

Please refer to Badges and fill in Form B respectively. Exhibitors will be required to wear their badges at all times throughout the show, including build up, break down and the open period as proof of identification. Badges can be picked up along with the exhibitor packs on 5th June 2018 at the organizer’s office.

Exhibitor Identification / Badges

Exhibitor/Contractor passes and badges will be prepared by the Organizers and issued free to stand representatives of exhibiting companies. These passes are not transferable. Strict security is maintained in the exhibition Halls and personnel must be in possession of the necessary identification pass to gain entry.

Exhibitor’s Check-In

All exhibitors should register at the Exhibitors’ Check-In Counter on arrival at the exhibition site to collect badges and the exhibitor’s information pack.

Exhibits Move-In

Cargoes which are consigned to the exhibition site should NOT arrive at the exhibition hall earlier than 4 Nov 2019 Exhibitors, their agents or contractors are responsible for the early installation of their heavy or large exhibits according to the move-in schedule provided by the Organizer. When stand structures are erected, it may not be possible to move- in/install heavy and large exhibits that arrive late.

Please note that official freight forwarders must be appointed for mechanical handling within the exhibition hall(s). Forklifts, cranes and pallet trucks from exhibition and other forwarders will not be permitted into the exhibition hall(s).

Exhibits arriving on site without a pre-appointed official freight forwarder will be referred to an official freight forwarder by the Organizer. All cost incurred will be borne by the exhibitor.

Fascia Name

Please indicate the name to be shown on your fascia panel on the FORM A (Fascia Name Form)

Company stand number will also be shown own fascia panel, such a form shall be submitted on not later than 20 days before the exhibition. Maximum 28 letters.

Invitation Tickets

The Organizer will supply, free of charge, complimentary invitation tickets to exhibitors for mailing to their clients. They can be ordered by email to admin@industrialroadshow.com. There are two invitations, VIP Invitation and Regular Invitation (invitation tickets). VIP Invitation will be printed based on information from VIP Form. For Regular Invitation, it will be given based on total request without providing complete information. Admission to the exhibition will be free to all trade and professional visitors.

Invitation to the Opening Ceremony

Each exhibitor will be provided with 2 (two) invitation to the opening ceremony to be held on first day morning of exhibition. Such an invitation shall be provided especially for the company’s management or person in charge.

Business Center

There will be a Business Center in the venue equipped with a photocopier and printer. The Center will be open during the opening hours of the exhibition. Please approach Registration counter for this service.

Child Care

There are no facilities to provide for child-care at the exhibition venue. If exhibitors intend to travel with children for the exhibition, please check with the hotel you will be staying in, if they provide baby-sitting facilities; as children under the age of 18 are not permitted to enter the exhibition halls for safety reasons.

Organizer Office

Organizer’s Office will be fully operational throughout the Exhibition, including build up and move out. The office is located in the hall at the Registration Counter.


  • The official exhibition photographer will be in attendance throughout the
  • Exhibitors who wish to employ their own photographers should contact the Organizer’ Office to arrange authorization and passes.

Products Demonstration and Presentation

  • The Organizer appreciates that demonstrations and presentations form an integral part of Exhibitors, however, should exercise discretion to other exhibitors when carrying out demonstrations and presentations.
  • Loudspeakers/sound devices and/or image projection equipment are to be placed in such a way that sound/image is directed downwards and into the stand, and not towards or across the aisles. The operation of any sound device or image projector must not interfere with or be an annoyance to neighboring Sound levels recorded at adjacent or opposite stands should not exceed 70dB for all speech, music and sound effects.
  • The organizer may also require such demonstrations or presentations to be carried out in accordance to a timetable as laid down after the consultations with the exhibitors
  • Exhibitors planning to stage demonstrations or presentations must provide a reasonable space for the audience within the confines of the


General security arrangements for the exhibition will be controlled by the Organizer in conjunction with the Hall Owners. While the Organizers will make all reasonable arrangements for security, they will not take responsibility for any loss or damage which may occur and the responsibility for the security of a stand, its exhibits and contents (including personal property), is that of the exhibitor and appropriate insurance should be effected by the exhibitor. It is recommended that a member of staff should be present on the stand at least half an hour before the exhibition opens and again until all visitors have left the halls. The stand should not be left unmanned at any time during the open periods.


Direct arrangements for storage of empties and show consumables should be made with Agility. Otherwise, exhibitors must arrange for their cartons and cases to be transported back to their own premises. Such items should not be stored within the exhibition halls. Organizer serves the right to remove/dispose of any cartons, cases and/or packing material left in the exhibition halls/behind stands. Any cost incurred will be borne by the exhibitors.