The first time, VIMF Series 2024 introduces this special activity as part of the Vietnam Industrial and Manufacturing Exhibition. PRODUCT SHOWCASE BAZAAR offers a completely new exhibition space dedicated to showcasing products, electronic components, mechanical components, 3D-printed products, and more. Here, businesses can introduce visitors to products created using the most advanced technology on the market, while also applying them in practical manufacturing.

In the era of creativity and innovation, in addition to intelligent computing technologies, automation, IoT, etc., which help businesses make breakthroughs in industrial production, new equipment, components, and materials equipped with functions to solve complex problems in the manufacturing process are essential. They are the backbone of every modern production system and process. PRODUCT SHOWCASE BAZAAR is designed with an open space to help participating businesses maximize the effectiveness of introducing new products and reaching more potential customers.


demo khu 3d
Reference price for a display cabinet: $300

Exhibitor note/description for the displayed product.


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