1VIMF is an industrial exhibition in the form of a roadmap held in the Industrial Complex and we  connect supplies of parts, equipment, and process solutions necessary for the automobile, electronics, machinery, textile, footwear, and high-tech industries to related manufacturers

2VIAF aims to introduce innovative manufacturing technologies and products to prepare for changes in the Vietnamese manufacturing ecosystem through factory automation and intelligent manufacturing and to enter the manufacturing phase of UP & MID STREAM.

3The advantages of Vietnam’s low labor costs and low rental costs are offset by product diversification, quality improvement, and the entry of large-scale high-tech companies.

There is an increasing demand for a logistics automation system that can reduce labor costs by efficiently utilizing limited space by introducing various automation facilities and correcting errors in the production process in real time. The introduction and use of automated processes and industrial robots that use the right technology are changing the manufacturing, production and distribution environment.

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5 The scale of the Vietnamese control market is growing rapidly due to the growing demand for PLC, DCS, monitoring control, SCADA, and HMI, as well as interest in the 4th industry and smart factories, and end consumers are automation companies with total solutions or MAC (main automation Contractors) prefer to purchase from a supplier with features.

Introducing a smart factory for innovation in manufacturing and production methods through AI, ICBM, and 5G, and aims to enter the robot market in terms of quality improvement and cost reduction, compliance with regulations, improving quality and reducing work errors. This is the advantage of automation..

43D Printing is a process of manufacturing 3 dimensional objects designed on computer & directly commanded by the computer to the printer. By this technology and equipment it is possible to print 3d objects of any size and design, most accurately and at cheaper cost quickly. From 3D printing of automobiles and aircraft critical parts, architectural scale models to human body parts to human tissues, everything thought can be made through this technology. This is the reason this technology is named as Technical Revolution, and is taking rapid prototyping and limited production as storm. This has further made innovations now easier and accessible.

VINH PHUC, VIETNAM ( updating…)


25-26 NOV

2022 ( to be confirmed soon)