VIAF 2020 Hai Phong is staged at the heart of Haiphong’s industrial zones. The Haiphong Province is one of the fastest growing, with Vietnam’s Bellwether automotive manufacturer VINFAST powering up the manufacturing and supply chain inflow.

VIAF 2020 Hai Phong  aims to connect a congregation of global vendors to supply to Haiphong’s Manufacturing, Logistics and industry at large.

Niche (Why is this Exhibition different from the rest)

VIAF 2020 Hai Phong is on a mission to upgrade various local recipient industries. The intention is to introduce know-how & technologies that lead to efficiency, cost savings and increased productivity. Taking directions from the industry 4.0 phenomenon we encourage Industrial digitization of the process/production value chain. In this edition, Special emphasis is given to showcase innovations in:

  • Bolt-on Upgrade modules

Bolt on upgrade modules refers to: A low cost, stage 1 method of digitizing. For example: Utilizing Industrial Internet of things technology; Equipping sensors to existing machines/production systems such that digital information can be collected, compiled and analysed to monitor & plan meaningful outcomes.

Key Insights:

Essentially a port city, Haiphong, stands as the main gateway of the northern corridor receiving & exporting shipments globally. Rapidly urbanizing, Haiphong had established itself as a core industrial manufacturing & logistics hub in Vietnam.

In the Manufacturing & Logistics arena, Haiphong is preferred destination for manufacturing giants in general & high-tech manufacturing industries.

The city has the necessary key infrastructure in place. With a close 200km proximity from China, Haiphong is benefiting from the positive effect of the China – ASEAN Free Trade Agreement. Japan’s official development assistance further enhances Haiphong’s vitality. South Korea’s multi-nationals have also invested heavily in Vietnam, with almost one-third of Samsung’s global output being produced in Vietnam.

Haiphong also benefits from low yet highly-skilled labour costs. Labour costs across Vietnam are 50 percent of those in China and around 40 percent of those reported in Thailand and the Philippines. There are ample Vietnamese workers situated in Haiphong. The workers are inexpensive, young, and, increasingly, highly skilled.

With total area of industrial and logistics zones of 4,701ha, Haiphong is home to 11 existing industrial parks, with 6 more in planning. Her Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) grows by 15% annually. With a worker population of nearly 1 million, alongside the low-wage workers pay out; The local government has attracted various multi-nationals poising Haiphong fate to shine as Vietnam’s Key industrial zone.

Vietnam is also a beneficiary of the ongoing trade war between the United States and China as its economy is “strategically plugged into the regional manufacturing supply chain”. “Vietnam is poised to capture some of the neighbouring country’s global market share in labor-intensive manufacturing.  “It’s the clear winner from the trade war.”

The Haiphong Province is one of the fastest growing, with Vietnam’s Bellwether automotive manufacturer VINFAST powering up the manufacturing and supply chain inflow.

2020 - IAF1


Exhibiting – A Smart Investment

Exhibiting at a trade fair is a cost-efficient marketing & sales channel. Within a short period, you will meet many potential customers & business partners. Visitors to Mechanization Asia are active and open for information, collaboration and new contacts.

In a single platform:  get updates on industry news; discover new innovations and gain niche knowledge leading to business opportunities.

Staged in Haiphong, in the heart of the industrial zone, the exhibition is a good platform to find and secure opportunities in Haiphong.  It attracts key players from Manufacturing, Logistics and General industry.


  • Asset Management & Enterprise Integration
  • Automation Software Solutions
  • Calibration & Testing Services
  • Control and Automation Systems
  • Building Automation
  • Digital Factory Solutions
  • Electric Motors, Drives & Controls
  • Electrical / Electronic Components
  • Embedded / Fieldbus Systems
  • Energy Efficiency Technology
  • Factory Automation
  • Machine Maker ( Manufacturers)
  • Industrial Communication & Networking
  • Industrial Automation
  • Industrial Identification, Systems Tracking
  • Industrial PCs and Touchscreen Systems
  • Instrumentation & Process Controls
  • Laser Technology
  • Measuring & Control Equipment
  • Motion Controls
  • Material Handling
  • Plant Maintenance & Optimization
  • PLC (Programmable Controller)
  • Process Industry
  • Power Transmission
  • Pumps & Valves
  • Robotic Automation
  • Safety & Security
  • SCADA Technology
  • Sensors & Actuators
  • System Integrator
  • Automation Services
  • Vision Systems
  • Wireless Automation


* General Manufacturing includes;

  • Automation Integrators
  • Biomedical
  • Building Automation
  • Cement
  • Chemical Processing
  • Consumer Products Manufacturing
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Cosmetics
  • Electrical & Electronics
  • Energy, Power & Utilities
  • Feed Mill
  • Fertilizer
  • Food & Beverage Manufacturing & Processing
  • Information / Communications
  • Logistics
  • Machine Makers & System Integrator
  • Material Testing & Inspection
  • Medical Technology
  • Metal Components & Products Manufacturing
  • Metal-Processing
  • Mining
  • Offshore
  • Oil & Gas
  • Oleochemical & Fats Manufacturing
  • Packaging
  • Paper & Printing
  • Parts Manufacturing
  • Petrochemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Photonics
  • Plastics & Rubber
  • Power Ultilities
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Renewable Energy
  • Semiconductor & Wafer Fab
  • Shipbuilding
  • Solar & Renewable
  • Steel Mill
  • Telecommunication
  • Water Treatment & Sewage
  • Wood-Processing Industry

PictureIndustry is on the threshold of the industrial revolution. Driven by the Internet, the real and virtual worlds are growing closer and closer together to form the Internet of Things. Industrial production of the future will be characterized by the strong individualization of products under the conditions of highly flexible (large series) production, the extensive integration of customers and business partners in business and value-added processes, and the linking of production and high-quality services leading to so-called hybrid products. The industries now has the opportunity to actively shape the industrial revolution. We want to support this process with the “Industry 4.0”, “Industrial Internet of Things” and “Smart Manufacturing” forward-looking technologies.

At the coming VIAF, we are hosting presentation and dialogues at Connected Manufacturing Conference to bring together leading experts and high ranking speakers from business and science to present and discuss core elements of connected automation for industries. One focus question will be, how Connected Manufacturing can best contribute to increasing economic competitiveness in manufacturing automation.

Contact the Organizer for more details


PictureRegister & Attend Seminar
VIAF scheduled Technological Presentation highly relevant to the industries through Factory Automation and Process Control.

Picture Technological Demo
The Technological Demo session provide leading-edge technologies, services and solutions to industry professionals.
Come and Join Us!

PictureMeet & Match Session
In making the event an avenue for the industries to meet together, Meet & Match session are being organized
to facilitate and benefit through social session.

Special Robotic Workshops

  • Overcoming labor shortage and meeting better quality standards in manufacturing process with Robotics based in Food and Beverage Processing and Packaging Automation
  • How manufacturers can enhance profitability and growth through effective use of Robotic automation technology
  • Problems faced by local and Vietnam manufacturing on how to overcome constraints of labor and energy costs to meet global competitiveness



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