Favorable geographical location: Has potential and advantages of geographic location for development. Bac Ninh strategically located in a crucial economic area in the North and a key point of economic triangle of Ha Noi – Hai Phong – Bac Ninh.

  • Is one of the province’s most dynamic economies and is becoming an increasingly large importer of capital good necessary to meet its large infrastructure needs as well as consumer goods to satisfy its rapidly expanding consumer market.
  • Attracted well known investors and multinational economic groups and the best platform to showcase your product and services to meet the north of Vietnam manufacturers needs.
  • Gradually modernizes and industrializes the economy.
  • Has very high Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) attraction and carrying out investment attraction effectively.
  • Has 16 concentrated industrial parks approved by the Government, more than 16 countries and territories have so far invested in Bac Ninh and many projects are calling for investment

Staged in Bac Ninh, the exhibition is a good platform to find and secure opportunities in Bac Ninh. It attracts key players from manufacturing, supporting industry and general industry.


Bac Ninh is striving to become Asia’s capital of electronics manufacturing and a symbol of Vietnam’s rise in field of electronics. Vietnam is a growing heavy weight in electronics manufacturing & electronics exports in Asia. The South-east Asian country’s economy grew by 7.1 per cent in 2018 making it the fastest growing in Asean. Vietnam is the second largest electronics exporter in Asean.

Vietnam’s electronics & manufacturing industry is exploding. Competitive wages have propelled Vietnam’s economic rise. Vietnam’s wages, which are among the lowest in Asean, have helped to draw companies and factories too.

Investment in electronics is growing quickly, and high-tech electronics players such as Samsung, LG, Microsoft, Foxconn, Sumitomo, Canon, THK Vietnam, Nokia..have set up shop in Bac Ninh, Vietnam.

Vietnam is also a beneficiary of the ongoing trade war between the United States and China as its economy is “strategically plugged into the regional manufacturing supply chain”. “Vietnam is poised to capture some of the neighbouring country’s global market share in labor-intensive manufacturing. “It’s the clear winner from the trade war “

The Bac Ninh Province is one of the fastest growing, with Vietnam’s Bellwether electronic manufacturer SAMSUNG powering up the manufacturing and supply chain inflow.


15 oconcentrated industrial zones

1 information technology park and more than 30 industrial clusters. Bac ninh 1

FDI amount & ratio by major city *1998~2019 Unit : Billion USD

Ho Chi Minh   $47.34 / 13.1%          Binh Duong   $34.39 / 9.5%

Hanoi               $34.11 / 9.4%             Dong Nai           $31.23 / 8.6%

B.Vung Tau    $31.03 / 8.6%             Bac Ninh           $18.85 / 5.2%

Bac ninh