Exhibition Title  VIETNAM INDUSTRIAL AND MANUFACTURING FAIR (VIMF) 2024 – The International Exhibition and Conference on Machinery, Equipment, Technology for Manufacturing and Supporting Industry.

VIETNAM INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION FIESTA (VIAF) 2024 – The International Trade Exhibition for Industrial Automation Solutions, Production and Process Automation, Electrical Systems, Industrial IT & Software and Microsystems Technology.

3D PRINT FIESTA (3DF) 2024 – The Premier Trade Exhibition on 3D Print and Design Technology, and Additive Manufacturing

Date 11-13 September 2024
Venue Da Nang Fair Exhibition Center, Da Nang, Vietnam
Staging Cycle Biennial
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Product Range

Machine Tools and Metalworking, Cutting Tool and Tooling Systems, Welding and Coating, Test and Measurement, Mould & Die, Software and Prototyping, Systems, Surface & Heat Treatment, Material Handling and Storage, General Services

Factory Automation, Industrial Automation, Electric Automation, Process Automation and Control Systems, Field Instrumentation & Smart Sensors, Robotics & Drives, Intelligent Logistics and Material Handling, etc.

3D Printers, 3D Scanners, Laser Machines for Model and Tool Making Machines for Rapid Prototyping, Machines for Rapid Manufacturing, CT / MRT and Image Processing Machines, Surface Treatment / Finishing / Surface Deposits (Printing), Model and Mold Making Machines / Technology, Service Bureau, Light Weight Construction & Micro Technology.

Dress Code Business / Work Attire
Projected For Exhibition: 250 exhibiting companies

15.000 trade & professional visitors

Last Information Fair – Postshow Report


Da Nang is the leading industrial center of central Vietnam.

GRDP (Gross Regional Domestic Product) increase 7,75%, one of the highest in Vietnam (after Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Binh Duong, and Dong Nai)

Economic structures : Service area : 64,56%

Industry – construction area : 22,32% (Industry : 16,57%)

Agricuture – Fishery – Forestry Area : 1,72%

Investment policies: Many important policies, offering solutions to improve the environment, improve competitiveness to attract FDI, develop the economy.

6 Industrial Zone and 1 High-tech Part

Staged in Da Nang, the exhibition is a good platform to find and secure opportunities in Da Nang. It attracts key players from manufacturing, supporting industry and general industry.


TECHNOLOGY ‘S ROLE FOR FUTURE OF MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY – The Vietnam Industrial and Manufacturing Fair Series 2024

Technology is important not only enhances efficiency, reduces costs, but also helps businesses achieve their sustainability goals.

It helps businesses save labor, leading to reduce in input cost.

Makeing the product saving time and more greater products

Thanks to the high efficiency and precision of machines, products in the manufacturing have quality and beautiful designs.

Moreover, it has made the production of raw materials more synchronous and improved. The scale of production was also expanded. Therefore, there are many competition by  businesses, lead to have new strategy.

Following through on the success of the previous edition of the VIMF DA NANG 2024, we are excited to be running a in-person event series in 2024 spanning southern, middle and northern of Vietnam. Since its massive success and the unprecedented times, we experienced since the pandemic in 2024 and get ready come back for the biggest manufacturing show in Vietnam.

A full calendar of activities, including showcase,  solution session with free-to-attend presentations, demonstrations and networking spaces, all located within the exhibition hall, means visitors are able to research and purchase the latest technologies transforming manufacturing, network with peers and gain invaluable insights from industry leaders.


If you want to present your solutions for the industry, this is your platform!

Include VIMF DA NANG 2024 in your marketing plan and highlight your innovative solutions for different industries.
For three days, thousands of purchasing decision-makers from the industrial sector look to VIMF DA NANG 2024 for the industrial and technological partner to turn their factories into highly competitive manufacturing centers.

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  •   VIMF/VIAF/VMAT 2024 - Southern Chapter in BINH DUONG |JUNE 19-21|
      VIMF/VIAF/VMAT 2024 - Middle Chapter in DA NANG |SEP 11-13|
      VIMF/VIAF/VMAT 2024 - Northern Chapter in BAC NINH | NOV 06-08|

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