A Special Services And Supplies Automation Equipment Parts Company In The Industrial Line.

De Duong International Trading Co., Ltd established in 2002, is a special services and supplies automation equipment parts company in the Industrial Line.

De Duong company is the official distributor of HIWIN to the world famous in Vietnam. Products have a high degree of credit the type of Industrialization, the best choice for automation. For example: CNC new generation machine, processing machine, made wood machine…

1/ AC Servo Motor :

·         Excellently high speed response
·         Simple operation
·         Easy integration.
·         Complete tool sets


2/ Ballscrews :

·         High efficiency and reversibility ; Backlash elimination and high stiffness.
·         High lead accuracy ; Predictable life expectancy.
·         Low starting torque and smooth running ; Quietness.
·         Short lead time ; Advantages over hydraulic and pneumatic actuators.


3/ Linear Guideways :

·         High positional accuracy ; Long life with high motion accuracy.
·         High speed motion is possible with a low driving force.
·         Equal loading capacity in all directions ; Easy installation.
·         Easy lubrication ; Interchangeability


4/ Industrial Robot – Multi Axis Robot :

·         High speed and High precision.
·         Multifunctional integration
·         Ecology First.
·         Humanistic Techonoloy


5/ Industrial Robot – Single Axis Robot :

·         Easy system installation and maintenance.
·         Compact and lightweight
·         Closed design.
·         Support with any brands of servo motors.



Mr. Nguyen Tuan Anh.

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