Frequently Asked For Exhibitors

How are the Standard Booths and the Open Booth different?

For the Standard Booths, the VIMF assembles the booth, and for the Open Booths, only the space is provided.
The following shows the list of items that VIMF provides for one Standard Booths:
white panel partition, fascia board with company name , wall-to-wall carpet inside booth, one table, two chairs, two fluorescent lights, one power socket 5apm single phase, one waste basket, needle carpet in booth

How can I reserve booths for VIMF 2024?

Please click here for the reserving booths or contact us for more detail.

What are Operation Schedule?


Where to get Exhibitor Manual Form ?


Who is responsible for the theft of and damage to exhibited goods?

The organizing secretariat will have 24-hour security guards during the preparation of the exhibition, during the exhibition and when dismantling it in order to protect the participating companies’ booths and exhibited goods.
However, the final responsibility of the exhibited goods lies on the participating companies that the participating companies should pay attention to managing their exhibited goods. In particular, we recommend the participants to separately get insurance for expensive exhibited goods and equipment.

How many badges do I receive with my booth?

Each exhibiting company is allotted (5) five complimentary badges for each 9sqm of exhibit space purchased. A USD 10 fee will be assessed for each badge produced over the complimentary allotment. No refunds will be issued for badges purchased but not used.

Is it possible to sell on-site in the exhibition hall?

You cannot sell anything in the exhibition hall.

Please feel free contact us for any further questions.
Tel: 84 28 66861210
Email: register@vietnamindustrialfiesta.com|

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