ROBOTIC & AUTOMATION VIETNAM (RAV) is the international exhibition of robotics automation, AI & IoT systems. RAV attracts robotics manufacturers, hardware & software for robotics, robotics components, accessories, and electronics and control technology manufacturers.

Rapidly industrializing Vietnam has unprecedented demand of Industry 4.0 implementations. RAV is an Industry 4.0 showcase spotlighting autonomous robotics and automation. It is the first and most important robotics event in Vietnam uniting global experts, companies and institutions to demonstrate robotics applications. RAV is both an innovation, knowledge-sharing and adoption showcase.  It aims to demystify robotics utilization methodology, and to encourage adoption to Vietnamese industry users.

The scale of the Vietnam control market is growing rapidly due to the growing demand for PLC, DCS, monitoring control, SCADA, and HMI, as well as interest in the 4th industry and smart factories, and end consumers are automation companies with total solutions or MAC (main automation Contractors) prefer to purchase from a supplier with features.

Introducing a smart factory for innovation in manufacturing and production methods through AI, ICBM, and 5G, and aims to enter the robot market in terms of quality improvement and cost reduction, compliance with regulations, improving quality and reducing work errors. This is the advantage of automation..



Start-Up Arena – The latest in Technological Innovation

Within the Start-Up Arena; Expect to find implementation know-how for projects. Venture capitalists & Investors can find exciting investment opportunities. Industry representatives can discover promising candidates for technical partnerships.

Seminar and Workshop

RAV will schedule technological presentations and hands-on workshops relevant to the demand-driven industries.

Robot Technological Demo

The Technological Demo session demonstrate leading-edge technologies, services and solutions to industry professionals.

Networking Session

By Invitation, RAV will curate specialized networking sessions and guided tours for system integrators, robotics solutions users and manufacturers.

Conference & Panel Sessions

In addition to an International Conference, a comprehensive program of technical seminars will be held alongside to deep-dive into prevailing topics. This is an invaluable platform for discussion of the key trends and issues topic in connected manufacturing, Industry 4.0, logistics & handling, robotics & vision system and automotive, market insights and the latest technology.


Artificial Intelligence

Get insights into the latest advances in artificial intelligence such as machine learning, RPA (Robotic Process automation), AI in autonomous vehicles and manufacturing applications.

Industry 4.0 & Internet Of Things

Welcome to the Factory of the Future, where Industry 4.0 & IoT technologies empower smart factories evolution through digital technologies. Experience the latest developments at RAV.

Service Robotics

At RAV you will find service robotics for security & surveillance, marketing, agriculture, logistics or transportation and will discover how they are enhancing their capabilities through service robotics

Drones & UAV

RAV will feature Drones & UAV and their applications. The four topics being: UTM / Urban Space, Security & Surveillance, Inspection & Monitoring and Geomatics.

Reach out the global audience in one single location
Take part in high class conferences, networking, forums and technical seminars with influential and expert speakers
Extensive and showcase range of your latest products and technologies
Raise your company/brand profile
Build relationship, develop new markets and forge partnerships with highly qualified visitors and key-decision makers
Meet up to 8000 key visitors and more than 500 conference delegates


Industrial Robotics

  • Laboratory Automation
  • 3D Printing

Logistics & Material Handling

  • Handling Systems & Robots
  • Automated Warehouse Systems
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems

Unmanned & Remote Control Systems

  • Ground
    – Search & Rescue
    – Surveillance & Patrol
    – Transportation
    – Courier
    – Mapping & Surveying
  • Marine Surface
  • Underwater

  • Robot Assisted Learning
  • Early Development
  • Software assisted learning

Robotics for Healthcare

  • Surgical Robots
  • Rehabilitation
  • Tele-medicine Assistance
  • Preparers & Dispensers

Machine Vision

  • Measuring Systems for Machine Vision
  • Components for Machine Vision
  • Machine vision Systems for Specific Fields of Application

Research & Development

  • Universities
  • Institutes
  • Independent Labs