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rOBO LOGOThe Vietnam International Robotic Technology Expo ( ROEX) is designed to be a meeting point for solution providers and solution seekers in the field of Robotic Technology and Automation.


The ROEX is the first and most important robotics event in Vietnam where experts, industry partner, companies and universities from around the world are going to show you what a robot is and how it works. Most of all, this is an innovative showcase, aiming to demystify the future of this technology, and to bring it closer to industry partner to advance robotics innovation and adoption for Vietnam business.

The ROEX is the international exhibition of robotics and robotic systems. The ROEX attracts robotics manufacturers, manufacturers of hardware and software for robots, robotic components and accessories, electronics and computers manufacturers

Reach out the global audience in one single location
Take part in high class conferences, networking, forums and technical seminars with influential and expert speakers
Extensive and showcase range of your latest products and technologies
Raise your company/brand profile
Build relationship, develop new markets and forge partnerships with highly qualified visitors and key-decision makers
Meet up to 8000 key visitors and more than 500 conference delegates



The latest advances in artificial intelligence such as machine learning, RPA (Robotic Process automation), AI in autonomous vehicles and manufacturing applications.


Welcome to the Factory of the Future, where smart factories change the industrial mass production model through digital technologies, check the latests developments at ROEX!


At VIRTE you will find service robotics for security & surveillance, marketing, agriculture, logistics or transportation and will discover how they are enhancing their capabilities through service robotics.


Visitors will find at ROEX exoskeletons that allow people with reduced mobility to walk again and perform superhuman efforts to surgical robots with millimeter precision, robotic prosthetics or rehab robotics.


We are joining together Drones & Aerospace to focus the narrative into four main topics affecting both: UTM / Urban Space, Security & Surveillance, Inspection & Monitoring and Geomatics.



Industrial Robotics

  • Laboratory Automation
  • 3D Printing

Logistics & Material Handling

  • Handling Systems & Robots
  • Automated Warehouse Systems
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems

Unmanned & Remote Control Systems

  • Ground
    – Search & Rescue
    – Surveillance & Patrol
    – Transportation
    – Courier
    – Mapping & Surveying
  • Marine Surface
  • Underwater

  • Robot Assisted Learning
  • Early Development
  • Software assisted learning

Robotics for Healthcare

  • Surgical Robots
  • Rehabilitation
  • Tele-medicine Assistance
  • Preparers & Dispensers

Machine Vision

  • Measuring Systems for Machine Vision
  • Components for Machine Vision
  • Machine vision Systems for Specific Fields of Application

Research & Development

  • Universities
  • Institutes
  • Independent Labs


In line with the current governmental initiatives to attract robotics and other technological advancements to the Vietnam, ROEX provides a platform for innovations in Robotics and Automation, and seeks to:

  • Encourage the use of robotic technology to enhance human life by providing a safer, smarter and more sustainable way of living.
  • Provide a platform for local and intl. professionals of the field to share ideas and promote collaborations between experts.
  • Support the local education system and encourage students to learn about mathematics, science and advanced technologies.
  • The event features an exhibition area, an extensive seminar program, workshop stands, networking opportunities, and a demo site


Start-Up Arena – The latest in Technological Innovation

Within the Start-Up Arena, newcomers can find implementation know-how for their innovative projects, investors can find exciting investment opportunities, and representatives from the industry can discover promising candidates for technical partnerships.

Seminar and Workshop

ROEX scheduled technological presentation and hands-on workshops highly relevant to the industries.

Robot Technological Demo

The Technological Demo session provide leading-edge technologies, services and solutions to industrial professions

Networking Session

In making the ROEX an avenue for system integrators and robot systems users and manufacturers to meet together, Networking Session will be scheduled alongside with Vietnam Industrial Automation Fiesta Networking session