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TECHNO VIETNAM INDUSTRIES CO., LTD. (TVI) is a supplier of test and measuring instruments, industrial hand tools, tools, machines and systems together with after-sales services. Established since 2009, Techno has a group of experienced engineers, masters in metrology and automation.

1/X-Ray inspection machine :

Model: XSCAN – A130H

Maker: XAVIS , Made in KOREA


  • High Resolution FPD (Flat Panel Detector)
  • Detector Tilt (50˚)
  • Large PCB size Available
  • Navigation User interface (CNC Programming)
  • Real 3D CT (option)
  • Tube Focus Size : 5㎛
  • World class High resolution X-ray image
  • Various Optional Functions (Rotation, CT, 3D)
  • Easy to Use & User Friendly Operation

Application :

  • PCB, PCBA Surface Mounted Board, MLB, ect.
  • μBGA, BGA, CSP, ACF, Flip-Chip, FPCB
  • Semiconductor Chip, Fine Pitch Electronic Components, etc.
  • Engineering Plastic Injection Molding, Camera Module, etc.
  • Rechargeable Batteries (incl. EV & ESS)

Dimention (W x D x H mm): 1360 x 1440 x 1700 mm

Weight: 1400 kg

X-Ray inspection machine

2/ I-Scan System

Maker : TEKSCAN, Made in : USA

Product Design

  • In-depth understanding of surface behavior
  • Verify forces and peak pressures between two components
  • Measure external forces
  • Reduce failures & associated costs


  • Understand the physical properties of the objects being measured
  • Understand the pressure distribution between two surfaces

I-Scan System

3/Vision Measuring machine :

Model: OPTIV LITE 3.2.2

Maker: HEXAGON , Made in China


  • CNC controller: 3 – 4 axes microprocessor CNC with Vector path control
  • Laser sensor available on Optiv Lite
  • Motorised zoom for continuous adjustment of field of view and resolution:
    » Standard (6.5x)
    » Option (12x)
  • Illumination for Vision Sensor:

»Green LED back light
» 4 quadrant LED ring light (4 segment)
» Coaxial LED top light
» Laser pointer (simplifies feature navigation)

  • Vision Sensor:

Sensor for non-contact measurement of smallest and closely tolerance features:
» 1.3 Mpixel Camera (H1280 * V720 Pixels)
Maximum optical precision due to low distortion optics:
» 6.5x motorised CNC zoom or 12x motorised CNC zoom
Powerful image procession:
» Fast precision video autofocus
» Automatic feature detection, geometry and bad pixel video filters
» Contour scanning mode
» Best fit routines
» Auto tunes
» Multi capture
» RGB sensitivity adjustment for colour camera

  • Maximum travelling speed:
    » Acceleration X, Y = 160mm/s2, Z = 250mm/s2
  • The A-weighted emission sound pressure level at operator’s position is less than 70db (A)
  • Mearsuring accuracy Exy=2.5+L/250, Ez=4.5+L/250
  • Resolution of the scales:
    » 0.05 µm
  • Standard magnification of the CNC zoom on 20 inchs monitor, 6.5x: 40x – 240x
  • Measurement Software is Metus Vision Measuring Software

Application :

The Optiv Lite 3.2.2 / 4.3.2 combines optical and tactile measurement in one system. The system
supports multisensor measurements using the vision sensor (CCD colour camera), laser system and the tactile probing. The Optiv Lite provides easy pallet station integration with good accessibility to the measuring table from all sides.
Fields of application:

  • Shop floor and inspection room
    • Versatile geometry measurements and GD&T analysis

Dimention (W x D x H mm): 716x753x1015 mm

Weight: 300 kg

Vision Measuring machine



Maker: IMV

Made in Japan


  1. Vibration test for Transport Simulation.
  2. Vibration test for Automation/Car parts.

(Shaker is combined with environment Chamber) 

Sample of Vibration test with environment chamber below:



Maker: HITACHI, Made in Japan


  • Constant Temperature and Humidity Chamber
  • Thermal Shock Chamber
  • Walk-in Type Constant Temperature and Humidity Chamber
  • Walk-in Type Constant Temperature Chamber


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