VIMF – VIETNAM INDUSTRIAL AND MANUFACTURING FAIR 2024 – The Industry’s Biggest  Manufacturing Show In Vietnam. VIMF is an international industrial exhibition in the form of a roadmap held in the Industrial Complex and connect supplies of machineries, parts, equipment, and process solutions necessary for the automobile, electronics, machinery, textile, footwear, and high-tech industries to related manufacturers. The showcase of VIMF related to Machine Tools and Metalworking, Cutting Tool and Tooling Systems, Welding and Coating, Test and Measurement, Mold & Die, Software and Prototyping, Systems, HVAC, Compressed Air and Vacuum, Material Handling and Storage, General Services and 3D Print For Additive Manufacturing

The must-attend event for the entire engineering and manufacturing supply chain

VIMF provides a platform for the entire engineering community that delivers valuable connections and unforgettable experiences for visitors and exhibitors alike.

VIAF – VIETNAMINDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION FIESTA  2024 focuses on displaying products, machinery, equipment, technology, and services for the automation industry in Vietnam. Industrial Machineries, Equipment and Materials, Factory Automation, Process Automation, Logistic Automation, Packaging Automation, Smart Manufacturing, IOT, A.I, Big Data and Industry 4.0, Electric and Electricity, Energy Control, Motion and Drives, Control & Sensor Systems, CAD, CAM, Measuring Smart Factory, Robot Motion, Sensing Technology, Intelligent Logistics and Material Handling, Pump, Valves and Motor

All About Automation

Be inspired by innovation at VIAF- Vietnam Industrial Automation Fiesta 2024

The 6th edition in Binh Duong of VIAF will celebrate innovation, collaboration and sustainability within the automation and manufacturing industries.

Engineering professionals from all sectors come together to network, learn and discover innovative new solutions and suppliers from the engineering supply chain across two action-packed days.

Don’t miss your chance to meet thousands of engineering professionals looking for new solutions. Enquire to exhibit today to book your stand and be a part of the future of engineering innovation



VMAT – VIETNAM MATERIAL HANDLING FIESTA 2024 is the International Trade Exhibition for Material Handling, Warehousing, Storage & Racking Systems, Transportation, Supply Chain Solution and Logistic Automation

VMAT will be a one-stop-arena of the leading technology and service providers in the materials handling and warehousing logistics manufacturing industry. VMAT will gather organizations with visitors from logistics, warehousing, supply chain, IT & managing systems from a wide variety of industries. As well as cutting-edge product demonstrations on the show ground which will offer visitors practical hands-on solutions to challenges facing end users in the logistics and warehousing industries.

VMAT is the only event of its kind in the Vietnam and is attended by thousands of prospective customers seeking to source new solutions to improve warehousing operations, stay ahead of the latest supply chain trends and grow their professional network.

MATERIAL HANDLING & TRANSPORTATION EQUIPMENT Conveyors / Hoists/ Cranes / Stings / Forklifts / Pallet Trucks/ Carts/ Hand Trucks / Hooks / Dock Equipment / Winches / Drum Handling / Lift Tables / Platforms / TieDowns / WireRopes / Chains / Scales / Counters / Shaves / Pulleys / Blocks / Shims/ Stocks / Trailers Monorails / Special Purpose Vehicles / Cargo / Containers / Trolleys / Gear Boxes / Skids & Skid Boxes

STORAGE EQUIPMENT Storage Racks / Lockers / Safety Storage / Storage / Cabinets / BinBox / Shelving / Wire Partitions / Workbenches / Machine Tables / File / Cabinet / Computer Workstation / Food / Service/ Panel Systems / Bulk Containers / Storage Tanks / Tool Boxes

FOOD PROCESSING & PACKING EQUIPMENT Conveyors / Stretch warps & plastic Packing / Palletize / Encasing Machines / Packing Machines / Box Making Machines / Binding Machines / Packing Material / Labeling Systems / Pallets

WELDING & CUTTING EQUIPMENT Voice Headsets / Light & Computer Aids / Smart Cards / ID Systems / Bar Coding /Optical Character Recognition / Radiofrequency Tags / Magnetic Strep / Machine Vision


RAV- ROBOTIC & AUTOMATION VIETNAM is the international exhibition of robotics automation, AI & IoT systems. RAV attracts robotics manufacturers, hardware & software for robotics, robotics components, accessories, and electronics and control technology manufacturers.

Rapidly industrializing Vietnam has unprecedented demand of Industry 4.0 implementations. RAV is an Industry 4.0 showcase spotlighting autonomous robotics and automation. It is the first and most important robotics event in Vietnam uniting global experts, companies and institutions to demonstrate robotics applications. RAV is both an innovation, knowledge-sharing and adoption showcase. It aims to demystify robotics utilization methodology, and to encourage adoption to Vietnamese industry users.

The scale of the Vietnam control market is growing rapidly due to the growing demand for PLC, DCS, monitoring control, SCADA, and HMI, as well as interest in the 4th industry and smart factories, and end consumers are automation companies with total solutions or MAC (main automation Contractors) prefer to purchase from a supplier with features.

Introducing a smart factory for innovation in manufacturing and production methods through AI, ICBM, and 5G, and aims to enter the robot market in terms of quality improvement and cost reduction, compliance with regulations, improving quality and reducing work errors. This is the advantage of automation..


3DF-3D PRINTING FIESTA will create the fairground for the entire 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing industry, our shows will feature industrial Additive Manufacturing machines, desktop 3D printers and things in between. To enhance your business in 3D Print, the exhibition offers you amazing sales opportunities and chance to network, collaborate and become part of the global 3D printing community in Vietnam and the Southeast Asia region, building inter-industry relationships to strengthen your business as it surges forward.

Holding alongside with the high profile of these industries in the area, machine tools and metalworking, metrology and measuring tools, sheet metalworking, software for manufacturing, tools and tooling systems, contract manufacturing, welding and coatings are brought in together to the exhibition to service the manufacturing industries



  • The 19th International Industrial Exhibition in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, the 6th annual exhibition taking place in Binh Duong and 5th annual exhibition in Bac Ninh with more than 400 exhibiting companies from over 15 countries display in 17.000 m2 connecting over 25.000 quality visitors with suppliers, manufacturer, partners in 3 days at the exhibition per each show
  • The targeting visitors qualifiedly from the Manufacturing, Subcontracting, Engineering Services, End users, Machine Makers, Industry solutions, System Integrators, Industrial Projects and Industrial Equipment Suppliers. Visitors to VIMF are active and open for information, collaboration, and new contacts and and covering the biggest industries in Vietnam
  • Southern Chapter: Binh Duong, Ho Chi Minh, Dong Nai, Long An, Binh Phuoc, Tay Ninh…
  • Northern Chapter: Bac Ninh, Ha Noi, Bac Giang, Hai Phong, Hung Yen, Hai Duong, Vinh Phuc…
  • Annual Exhibition in Binh Duong and Bac Ninh. Do not miss out!



Topic of conference at VIMF 2024 will talk about:

  • Connected Manufacturing including IoT, Industry 4.0, Smart Manufacturing, Smart City
  • Robotics And Vision Systems
  • 3D Design And Print
  • Discussion on investment policy, trade promotion at the exhibition


I4.0Z is one of the activities at the exhibition to gather enterprises operating in the field of industry 4.0 to attend to display, promote and introduce leading technologies, solutions, technical services applied in the manufacturing to increase labor productivity, save time and operate the factory intelligently and achieve business results.


Meet and Match Session a customized suite of integrated matching services dedicated to help Exhibitors and Visitors to identify and screen potential customers and business partners in Vietnam. The service draws on the industries with many years of experience matching industrial companies, factory end-users and engineering firms with overseas companies.


Innovation Zone aims to support businesses with Automation Guided Vehicle, Automated Equipment, Machines, Robots, Industrial Robotic Arms, Automated Systems have the opportunity to demonstrate Technology in a separate area other than the booth, the designated area. Private design with open space can see the performance space from every angle.


Manufacturer Pavilion will include most of big manufacturers in Binh Duong and is forming under one buyer area in this exhibition. It will highlight fully demonstrate the most advanced application solutions of industrial technologies and products in the process manufacturing industry and is the only trade and sourcing platform providing solutions for manufacturers and equipment suppliers.


The Live Demo Area will host some of the most forward-thinking equipment and services – all created to enhance the coverage and care delivered within the manufacturing field. With brand new products being launched at this year’s event, each visitor to the area will be given a hands on introduction to each product being showcased

With 19 successful editions to date, the series of VIMF 2024 – Southern Chapter is the ideal platform for international & local manufacturers and suppliers to launch new products, meet targeted buyers, appoint agents and distributors, generate new business delegates & visitors, govt. authorities, industrial associations, international trade consulates, etc and establish business networks in Southernn Vietnam market



By Job Function:

  • Management, • Operation, • Procurement & Purchasing • Production • Engineering & Technical • Quality Control • Research & Development • Service & Maintenance

Who Is the Expo for?

  • CEO, General Manager, Managing Director, Owner
  • Managers of Plant, Operations, Logistics, IT, Engineers, Supply Chain, Procurement, Safety, Production, Warehouse, Sustainability, Factory

Major visitors are from design, development, production engineering, purchasing and information system divisions of automotive, heavy industry, electric, machinery and precision equipment manufacturers in the world.

VIMF Series is where the creators, the builders, the sellers, and the drivers of manufacturing technology come to connect, be inspired, and find solutions. From around the globe, the industry gathers to discover the latest in innovations and technologies changing our future through advanced and traditional manufacturing, robotics, automation, and digital transformation. Be a part of the change




VIMF is now in its 19th edition and has continued to be THE event for the MANUFACTURING industry.

VIMF sectors can network and source innovative new solutions from the engineering supply chains in R&D, design, test & measurement, advanced materials, manufacturing, and production.

Don’t miss your chance to be at the center of the engineering and manufacturing industry.



  • AI & Machine Learning
  • Carbon-neutral Production
  • Energy Management
  • Hydrogen & Fuel Cells
  • Industry 4.0
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