ViscoTec Asia, is a transaction office providing solution consulting, technical support and sales services for quantitative applications in the Asian market.

Founded in 1997, located in Germany, ViscoTec is a premium manufacturer serving dosing applications and systems. Visco Tec prides itself on manufacturing products that can extract/pour/pour liquids of low to very high viscosity (and even liquids with high sensitivity and containing small particles in solution) in critical quantities. accurate or extremely accurate in the most difficult and complex environments or circumstances. ViscoTec products are suitable for the Adhesives & Chemicals, Food & Pharmaceutical, and Components & Equipment industries.

Coming to this VIMF 2023, ViscoTec, provides customers with a comprehensive service package from initial idea consultation, specific experiments with users to factory testing and on-site training. ViscoTec’s team of experienced engineers will help you find the right solution for your specific requirements.

VIMF will be staging the specialized high profile event on technologies, equipment, machines & tools, systems, industry materials and engineering services, for manufacturing, metalworking and subcontracting industries. VIMF 2023 is an international industrial exhibition in the form of a roadmap held in the Industrial Complex and we connect supplies of machinery, parts, equipment, technology and process solutions necessary for the automobile, electronics, machinery, textile, footwear, and high-tech industries to related manufacturers.

Viscotec’s featured products include:

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ViscoTec’s booth at exhibition : 59

What are the perfect product lines of ViscoTec at VIMF ?

  • Spraying and pumping equipment
  • Filling system
  • Dispensing system
  • System to suck materials from the container
  • Feeding system
  • Material preparation system
  • 3D printing nozzle flowplus & flowscreen

You will get a comprehensive solution from ViscoTec for every application. Also extensive tests will be performed for particularly complex requirements. Our dosing pumps and dosing systems are optimally tailored for their respective applications.

Come to VIMF 2022 exhibition in Binh Duong to connect with ViscoTec right away


Contact with organizer of VIMF  :

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Phone: +84 898 788 040 – Ms Huong Giang

Address: 3rd floor, St. Moritz, 1014 Pham Van Dong, Hiep Binh Chanh, Thu Duc, HCMC

Website: www.omg-expo.com

Email: giang@vimf.vn