What products and services will Le Hung Company bring to VIMF 2022?

Le Hung Company is a private enterprise operating in the field of machine design, manufacturing, manufacturing high-tech precision mechanical components and consulting, transferring technology and mechanical processing equipment. Founded and run by the leadership team are engineers, bachelor of economics with many years of experience in the profession and have successfully participated in many projects in design, manufacturing, consulting, technology transfer , equipment, we are always confident providing many high quality products, attentive service to customers who are mechanical processing factories in Vietnam.

To the VIMF exhibition, Le Hung Company brings accumulated knowledge and experience to bring customers effective and practical products and solutions that are the joy of the company’s team.

VIMF will be staging the specialized high profile event on technologies, equipment, machines & tools, systems, industry materials and engineering services, for manufacturing, metalworking and subcontracting industries. VIMF 2022 is an international industrial exhibition in the form of a roadmap held in the Industrial Complex and we connect supplies of machinery, parts, equipment, technology and process solutions necessary for the automobile, electronics, machinery, textile, footwear, and high-tech industries to related manufacturers.


Le Hung Company’s Booth at exhibition : 315 

So what products and services will Le Hung Company bring to VIMF 2022?
* Supply new stamping machine and technology from CHINFONG – Taiwan
* Representative and supplier of Turret, Swiss type CNC lathes and small CNC machining centers from TSUGAMI – Japan.
* Representative supplier of CNC milling machines from AWEA – Taiwan and specialized processing machines for producing motorcycle parts, automobile and motorbike auxiliary industries with high productivity.
* Representative in Vietnam for the famous pipe bending machine company, CSM – Taiwan, and specialized pipe processing equipment for the furniture industry, motorbikes, bicycles, automobiles, oil and gas …
* Producing & trading stamping mold components according to Misumi – Japan standards & Producing battery components, pins, rotating shafts from special alloy steel requiring high hardness and wear resistance.
* Trade representative provides HONSBERG Circular Saw Blade – Germany & JULIA Circular Saw Blade – Italy.

With dedicated, careful work, professional customer service attitude, Le Hung Company wishes to receive the cooperation and support of many customers in the auto and motorcycle parts manufacturing industries, major mechanical processing in Vietnam.

Come to VIMF 2022 exhibition to be connected with Le Hung Company.


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Le Hung will be present at the VIMF 2022 exhibition
Taking place at WTC Binh Duong on June 8-10, 2022
Organizer : OMG Events Co., Ltd

Register booth online here 

Contact with organizer of VIMF  :
Phone: +84 2866861210
Hotline: +84 906 472 029 – Ms Vicky
Address: 135 Nguyen Thi Nhung, Van Phuc Residential Area, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Website: www.omg-expo.com
Email: vicky@vietnamindustrialfiesta.com


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