Ballscrews, Linear Guideways, Industrial Robot – Single Axis Robot, Industrial Robot – Multi Axis Robot, AC Servo Motor

De Duong International Trading Co., Ltd established in 2002, is a special services and supplies automation equipment parts company in the Industrial Line.

De Duong company is the official distributor of HIWIN to the world famous in Vietnam. Products have a high degree of credit the type of Industrialization, the best choice for automation. For example: CNC new generation machine, processing machine, made wood machine…

Products and Service:

Linear Guideways, Ballscrews, Linear Bearings, Single Axis Robot, Multi Axis Robot, AC servo Motor & Drive, Stepping Motor, Positioning Guideway, Linear Actuator, Precision Bearing, CNC Controller…


Industrial Robot – Single Axis Robot

Product Description

Easy system installation and maintenance.

Compact and lightweight

Closed design.

Support with any brands of servo motors.


AC Servo Motor

Product Description

Excellently high speed response

Simple operation

Easy integration.

Complete tool sets



Product Description

High efficiency and reversibility ; Backlash elimination and high stiffness.

High lead accuracy ; Predictable life expectancy.

Low starting torque and smooth running ; Quietness.

Short lead time ; Advantages over hydraulic and pneumatic actuators.


Linear Guideways

Product Description

High positional accuracy ; Long life with high motion accuracy.

High speed motion is possible with a low driving force.

Equal loading capacity in all directions ; Easy installation.

Easy lubrication ; Interchangeability


Industrial Robot – Multi Axis Robot

Product Description

High speed and High precision.

Multifunctional integration

Ecology First.

Humanistic Techonoloy

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