Manufacturing conventional compound and industrial micorscopes.

We were established in 1988 as a hi-tech industrial enterprise specialized in manufacturing conventional compound and industrial micorscopes. We have grown into a global brand with sales offices in Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Spain and the United States.


Panthera TEC MAT

Incident light microscopes for material sciences, ready to handle semiconductors, LCD panels and wafers with a clever Brightfield/Darkfield illumination concept. To extend the application fields for compound materials, microscope models with additional Transmitted light by integrated LED illumination can be chosen.


BA310MET – H 

Motic’s new BA310MET series presents an affordable and powerful microscope line for incident light applications in all material sciences. Industrial quality control of opaque samples can be performed as well as teaching in educational environments of engineering and material professions, where affordability and ease of use are key demands.



With the new AE2000MET, Motic introduces an Inverted Metallurgical microscope dedicated to the inspection of bulky samples in automotive, machinery and steel industry. Large metal pieces or die casting parts, too large to be treated with an upright microscope model, can easily be examined to perform failure analysis, material research and quality control.



The SMZ171 using modern ESD resistant materials and optimized LED illuminations for a wide range of biomedical and material science applications. The optical performance with improved transmission rates in higher magnifications is combined with reliable mechanics for daily usage. The SMZ171 is an advanced stereo microscope for biomedical work and industrial quality control.


Panthera TEC POL 

The Panthera TEC POL series fills a last gap in the Panthera family: Polarization microscopes for all material sciences, ready to handle transparent samples like fibers and foils with their inherent birefringence. The Incident light models for opaque materials work out the specific reflectivity (bireflection) of flat surfaces. To extend the application fields, all microscopes carry an intermediate tube with Bertrand lens to analyze the crystal structure and interference figures of gems, precious stones and minerals.

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Moticam S

The new Moticam S line of cameras marks yet another milestone of Motic’s digital microscopy expansion. By using the latest sCMOS sensors coupled with our own PCB design and on-board image management systems, each Moticam S promises to deliver professional digital microscopy solutions at an affordable price. The Moticam brand is recognized around the world as representing easy to use and adaptable attachable cameras for virtually any microscope. Whether for Educational, Industrial or Clinical use, this new generation of Moticam has a unit for even the most demanding users.

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